Painting, Art and Design for me encompasses everything I aspire to achieve creatively. Art and design has never been just a hobby, but a lifestyle that envelops me completely. I'm motivated daily by the beauty, style and elegance seen in most things and too from the great art movements and masters of the past. Drawing creative inspiration from quite often the most unlikeliest of places and trying to add something today in my art that I might not have known yesterday.

With some 40 years creative experience as an Illustrator, Painter and Designer, I have been fortunate to have had a go at most things artistically and this is reflected hopefully within my website.

I do hope you enjoy looking at my Galleries, please feel free to email me from the 'contact us' page if you would like to enquire about me undertaking a commission etc, or just to have a chat. Thank you for taking the time to read my albeit potted biography.

Russell Lee