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Re: Original pictures

Hi Paul,

You're very welcome, they were a pleasure to do for you.

Kind regards,

Original pictures

The pictures you've created to go in our Baby's room are really exceptional. They are a lovely focal and discussion point, and a reminder of the songs we sang to our baby that we can treasure for ever. Thank you again.

Northumberland pictures

Hello Russel,

Your Northumberland pictures are very colourful. We live near Stanhope, so not too far away from the locations, hope to see some more on your website soon.

Janet & Philip Wyeth
Janet & Philip Wyeth

Lovely pictures

Hi, Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your site, look forward to seeing more paintings when ready.
Sandra Williams

Re: thanks

Hi John,

You are very welcome, I hope you get hours of enjoyment from them, thanks too for your encouragement, it is appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Thanks for two great paintings Russell - really special talent you have. Hope your art gets the attention it deserves.
John Lanaghan

0059 glastonburytor

would like to purchase this print but wondered how much it would cost to have it mounted and if so would it cost more than the £4.00 to post it and how lond would it take to do?
wish to purchase it as a retirement gift for somebody who has very fond memories of their time at glastonbury in the 1960's.
do you by any chance have any photpgraphs of millfield public school at street (circa 1960's)?
thank you
ps truely unique perspective.
helen rickinson

Great pictures

Nice site Russell, plenty to look at and read.
Martin Owens


Great site, the art work looks really good
David Pratt

Greeting cards

As a (part-time) greeting card artist, I was impressed by your range of cards. I particularly liked the "piggy" Birthday Girl one, will come again.
Amanda Porter

Brill Website Russ

Loved your website, you have such a great variety of work, I especially liked the Drawing & Sketchings and in particular The Winter Robin. I am looking forward to seeing your Photography Galley. Wishing you all the best of with your new venture. Jackie
Jackie Pipe


Hi Russ
Just found there is a lot more to your website than I first thought, I am so impressed. I am wondering would you possibly be able to sketch our dear cat Jasper who died recently, a bit morbid you might think, but I was going to put a photograph up in our conservatory where he spent a lot of time sleeping, I would love to have possibly a sketch or watercolour of him. I will ring you the weekend to discuss. well done again you should be very proud!! love jackie
Jackie Pipe

Great website

Great pictures and greeting cards - cool :-)
Sarah Wootton

Like your site

Really nice work Russell, will visit again.
Chris Soundy


Hya Russell
Your website is mint!!!! There is a few i want when i get my house!!
Katie Hutchinson

Well done - it looks very good!

You've built a really impressive website, to display your impressive work - well done! It looks really good and I look forward to seeing the Photography gallery, once it is finished.
Jenny Lee


Your collection of paintings and prints are amazing, so much variety! Can't wait to see some more.
Kirstie Darnell

Well done!

Hi Russ,

It took a while to put together, but all your hard work was worth it in the end, it looks lovely Darling xXx
Sue Lee